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As more and more devices such as mobiles and tablets are connecting to the Internet, but who can protect and how to protect these kinds of devices? Embedded devices only have limited resources like CPU, RAM, and NO H/D. Cloud-based security is not a silver-bullet!
AegisLab was founded in 2005, which focuses on embedded devices of security and is a professional security lab providing information security signature services which contains signature update services to namely anti-virus, intrusion detection and prevention, web and url content filter, application control, instant messaging /peer to peer control and mobile security solutions. AegisLab will lead you to a better secure future!


Security Notes: Remote Access Tool AndroRAT Inject Into Android APK Risk

AndroRAT is an open-source tool that was created and published on the Internet, it is a RAT (Remote Access Tool) for Android OS and exactly as any other RATs, and it allows a remote attacker to control the victim...

Security Alert 2013-09-05:The secrets of Android malware, a true story

Over the last month, many smartphone users in Taiwan received an SMS message concerning personal privacy. The message entitled "You were shot by paparazzi!" and contains a URL, such as hxxp://, to download a malicious APK. AegisLab has analyzed the characteristic of the APK and released the malware signature to our customer at the first time......

Security Alert 2013-07-14:Watch out! Android Master Keys Vulnerability!

After AegisLab analysis, some of Sony and Samsung using Android 4.2 had been patched already. And here comes the technical details: The key point is the duplicated entries of classes.dex in ZIP(APK) file. There are two classes.dex files: the modified one(07-09-2013) and the original one(03-13-2013). The modified classes.dex MUST be put before the original one....

Security Alert 2013-06-06:Blackhole Exploit Kit 2.0 outbreak again!

According to,Blackhole Exploit Kit 2.0 infected many websites named "*/linkendorse.html". It often uses large SPAM mails to spread the malicious links! AegisLab also collected many similar malicious links............

Chrome OS may be tough, but not their Chrome browser!

Several weeks ago, all security researchers failed to crack Google's Chrome OS at CanSecWest Pwnium3 in Vancouver, even the deadline extended from 2pm to 5pm due to researchers' request. But, unfortunately, the Chrome browser was compromised by MWR Labs at Pwn2Own 2013 which sponsored by HP and Google. This contest proves that Google Chrome was vulnerable....

Security Alert 2013-03-21: South Korean Banks and Media Organizations Suffer Critical Damage from Cyber Attack

As many of you would probably know several South Korean banks and local media organizations have been impacted by a critical cyber attack. The all victims did not boot anymore....

Security Alert 2013-02-22: Malicious Chrome extensions

Following previous post, we have found some malicious extensions in Chrome browser to turn Likes into real results on Facebook....

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