AegisLab Anti-Virus SDK

Please check Lionic LionScan Anti-Virus SDK for Linux/Windows and LionScan Anti-Virus SDK for Android.

AegisLab is the security research laboratory of Lionic Corporation. Due to policy changes, we will focus on Lionic brand. This AegisLab website is no longer maintained! Go to Lionic website.



To develop the AegisLab Anti-Virus product for Android, Lionic developed its android anti-virus engine and the anti-virus signature supporting infrastructure first. This android anti-virus engine is named as “AegisLab Anti-Virus SDK” and can be licensed to customers. Although Lionic already has experiences in Windows, Linux and MacOS malware research, we still have to design a brand new anti-virus engine for Android from scratch because mobile operating systems have more limitation than desktop OS.

By using the AegisLab anti-virus SDK, customers can build the anti-virus software under their brand names or integrate into their apps. For example, MDM(Mobile Device Management) software is suitable to include an anti-virus engine.

AegisLab has used his Anti-Virus SDK to make AegisLab Anti-virus Free and Premium version. Both AV-Test and AV-Comparatives organizations give AegisLab Antivirus good scores. Please check the following two press releases.

Also, AegisLab made a special version for FET telecom. This AegisLab Anti-virus FET version is the default Android Anti-virus program recommendation of the FET telecom. After years of shipping and development, the AegisLab Anti-Virus SDK is market proven, mature and stable. Any business opportunities of AegisLab Anti-Virus SDK are welcomed to discuss.