Signature Expert Team

Currently Lionic have six kinds of technologies which need signature support or cloud service support. They are

  1. Anti-virus signature and cloud service. (Android support is also included.)
  2. Anti-intrusion signature.
  3. Anti-webthreat signature and cloud service.
  4. Application identification signature.
  5. Device identification signature and cloud service.
  6. Web category filter cloud service.

Lionic/AegisLab make the signatures of all the six kinds of technologies by himself.

Lionic has a security research team which is named as AegisLab and is in charge of researching malicious attacks and the protocols behaviors, collecting malware in many ways including but not limited to exchanging with big security vendors or buying specific malware from underground organizations, extracting signatures, packaging all the signature files, etc.

Our security experts have already built the unified signature database and several auto and semi-auto systems for analysis and extracting signatures in these years. But some jobs still need human intervention. AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies are already adopted in researching the signatures. The real time AI which detects malicious things in the network appliances is still not practical at this moment. It is because the CPU and memory resources of network appliances are limited and AI (Artificial Intelligence) computing is usually slow and consumes memory very much. Lionic signature expert team makes high quality signature files in clean room.

Please contact Lionic/AegisLab for the one stop shopping service of these six domains. The domain number is still growing up. AegisLab keeps researching some new domains which have business values.