AegisLab Safe Browsing for Android

Please check Lionic Safe Browsing for Android/iOS.

AegisLab is the security research laboratory of Lionic Corporation. Due to policy changes, we will focus on Lionic brand. This AegisLab website is no longer maintained! Go to Lionic website.



AegisLab Safe Browsing for Android plays the role as an assistant. It helps users to filter inappropriate web pages.

How long can we browse our favorite sites without being bothered? Can you imagine that everytime when we want to focus on work; we want to protect children against inappropriate contents or we want to enjoy surfing the web, but the web pages are not what we want to see? Thus, we need an assistant to help us to solve the dilemma and AegisLab Safe Browsing does a wonderful job! The app fits for everyone. No matter what roles we play, it can assist us to browse the website safely.

Different from other similar apps, AegisLab Safe Browsing is a user friendly and an intuitive app. Its features will be described in detail:

  • Category: We prepared six most common used categories options for user to choose. Users can easily select the categories to be blocked.

  • Exception: After blocking categories are chosen, users may still have some exceptions. In this case, users can add the blocked/allowed websites to the list. If users don't know the websites belong to which category, they can type the keyword or URL by themselves to the blocked or allowed list.

  • Record: Users can review the information of the websites which has been blocked. Can we remember the website's blocked date or want to check the usage of children? Don't worry! Just click the calendar to search them!