Lionic Signature Cloud Service

Many customers ask Lionic about how to update the signature immediately after they understand our DPI solutions. Of course Lionic has built up the global signature update cloud several years ago. Its code name is “SCS” (Signature Cloud Service).

Every product adopted the Lionic technologies can subscribe this signature update service. Lionic offers the “signature update agent” which is running inside the network appliance for communicating with the “SCS”. This SCS server and client combination is in charge of license check, user authentication, expiration check, downloading and unpacking the signature file, etc.

The “SCS” (Signature Cloud Service) is maintained actively and keeps running for more than ten years. It also passed the penetration test of a third party security company several years ago. It is quite mature now. Two of our big customers even licensed it and running their own SCS instances under their brand names. And then our team took contract jobs for their specific customization about license management.

However, we suggest customers to adopt our global signature update cloud for the most conveniences. Customers usually need to buy SCS maintenance contract if they bought one instance of SCS. It is a huge cost that having a DevOps team operates and monitors many servers, too.

Actually all the signature files of customers are isolated and safe in our global signature update cloud. End users seldom see the system log messages and are hard to know anything about the signature update servers. Currently the servers of SCS are across Asia, Europe, USA and still grow up. Joining the Lionic Signature Cloud Service is the most economical solution.


Figure 1 - SCS Dashboard Screenshot