本文同步發表於 iTHome 隨著網路世代的變遷,物聯網已成為未來的趨勢,資訊安全也逐漸為大眾最關切的議題之一,尤其是萬物皆相連,但萬物也皆可駭。新竹一間

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Lionic successfully launch Pico-UTM 100 on Indiegogo

Hsinchu, Taiwan – November 19, 2020 – Lionic has developed several network security technologies based on deep packet inspection and has licensed to several major network appliances vendors like Cisco, NEC, Calix, etc. Those technologies are already mature and market proven. Now, it is time for Lionic to make its own product - Pico-UTM 100. Pico-UTM 100 is developed by Lionic’s patented Deep Packet Inspection technology, and utilizes its large virus signature database to extend 4 powerful and necessary applications nowadays.

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